Anatomy of an Idea: Hanging Gardens of Paddington

It is always exciting to work on a really fun idea for someone who has the passion to see it through. Projects with Dan rae always like that an dthis was no exception. There is nothing better than a talking point in our workshop and a challenge like this fires up the team to create something special.

A load of old Barnum.


How do you make one small hotel in Paddington stand out in a crowded market, become a global talking point and a must-visit destination? That was the brief given to us by the PR-savvy Eleanor Conroy at InterContinental Hotels Group way back in 2009.

I think we only had a few days turnaround from brief to competitive pitch (against three others) so we cleared our diaries, visited the hotel in question, and went to work to find what the pipe-smoking David Ogilvy would call the ‘Unique Selling Point’. Don’t get me wrong it was a very nice hotel, but the only real feature seemed to be that the flowers changed according to the seasons… This, we were informed, was the USP, so we just went with it and presented three scamped-up ideas with a floral theme.

The Hanging Gardens of Paddington, the world’s biggest hanging basket that would be affixed…

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