Love is in the air.

With Valentines day fast approaching we thought we should look back on some of our “loveliest” projects over the years.
We built a “Loveshack” for Virgin who wanted to give students the chance to try out their new handsets in comfort, possibly with their potential new squeeze.
VirginMobile Loveshack Tour Jan 2006 BigfootProductions  (2)
Or you could spell out a giant message to your beloved with oversize building blocks. Though maybe I LOVE U would go down better than this advert for Bonds trading.
Helix Bond's Promotion
Or if a seriously classy romance is more your style, Burberry’s “from London with love” featured Romeo Beckham as a fledgling cupid for a well clad couple.
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 14.51.34
If a sweet treat is more their thing, how about a giant sandcastle decorated entirely with chocolate fondant and Cadbury’s pebbles.
Or if they have a really sweet tooth how about recreating Tate and Lyle’s amazing Tasting House, a pop up hotel themed with flavoured sugar, created with our help by the amazing Miss Cakehead. Popcorn baths, icing rugs and cake of all sorts on every surface.
Another Miss Cakehead special was the cupcake tree, inspired by Enid Blyton’s faraway tree stories and again for Tate and Lyle. Maybe you could hang a ring on it for a really special proposal?

For a traditional floral gift with a twist you could take inspiration from our giant hanging basket, though this did require a crane to install so would take some serious planning!)


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