McVities Cuddle machine on the loose

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    How do you make a total stranger happy? Well it seems that McVitie’s have hit on the answer, combine biscuits and hugs and you get some pretty happy people. Their research has discovered that we enjoy 2 (or more) biscuits a day so they commisioned a special vending machine to travel the country exchanging chocolate biscuits for a big hug and it made a lot of people very happy.


    From brides to builders to business men there was hugging and smiling all over the place and over 2000 chocolate biscuits!

    It was a popular story on-line and in the press with #SWEEET encouraging people to post their own images of chocolate biscuits moments.

    The project was put together by McVities, 3 Monkeys PR and the Helix3d team plus a lot of chocolate biscuits and some willing volunteers.

    The bespoke vending machine was designed and built at our workshop and then toured by our delivery driver to locations across the UK.

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