O2 Umbrellas

Made up from 500 individual umbrellas, our latest installation covers Canary Wharf in London. The magnificent O2 umbrellas exhibit being displayed for the first time in one of London’s most vibrant business and shopping districts. The UK’s biggest umbrella, measuring 6 x 8 metres took three weeks to create. Over the next two weeks over 1.2 million people who pass through Reuters Plaza are expected to be covered under it. The install has already received coverage from The Guardian, Trend Hunter, Huffington Post and the London Evening Standard!


216367_1_600 216367_2_600 216367_3_600 216367_4_600 216367_5_600 216367_6_600 216367_7_600 216367_8_600


2 thoughts on “O2 Umbrellas

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