Microsoft giant Surface in Trafalgar Square

When we were challenged to build not only a giant, but working tablet to celebrate the launch of the new Mircrosoft Surface 2 how could we possible say no! With a little less than a 2 week lead time to design, programme and build the incredible 27-foot-wide, 17-foot-tall Surface 2 in the centre of London.

Trafalgar Square is now dominated by the huge tablet, which really works. The giant display is connected to a regular Surface 2, but has a smart keyboard which is able to control the display. Kids have been jumping on the tablet to control it, and you can even post Tweets by hurling yourself on the keys.

Local rapper and bonkers gentleman Dizzee Rascal is on hand for the PR stunt too, which marks the launch of the neat-looking Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.


Surface 12 Surface 10 Surface 6 Surface 3 Surface 2 BXUolZKIMAAm4iO


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