Giant Cake

To celebrate the finished ‘Tico’ office installation, as well as announcing the winners of our ‘Creative Workspace Competition’, this week at Helix we have gone cake crazy! The talented bakers of ‘Caking it’ and ‘Cupid Cakes’ spent 2 days baking, building, icing, colouring and glacing the 4ft long cake made from Victoria sponge, Chocolate cake and Orange & almond. After all a party without cake is just a meeting!

Team briefing

Team briefing with the MD and cake makers!


Rolling out icing – the smell of sugar in the office is a delight!


The colour spectral concentrate paste – very scientific!


Applying the coloured icing to the massive cake pieces.


Each individual colour has to be mixed, rolled and applied separately.


A gloss shiny coating is sprayed on to give the reflective finish.


The finished cake creation! What a treat!

Our team of bakers!

The chocolate mud-pie logo we cant wait to cut into!


Frank having his piece of cake!

Check out more from our cake bakers:

Sarah King of ‘Caking-it” :

Clair of ‘Cupid Cakes’:


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