And the winner is…

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In May of this year we launched our first ever competition to challenge you to design your dream workspace! We have had a lot of fun going through the hundreds of entries, some practical, some innovative and some seriously far out there, each unique!


Our judging panel made up of; Pete Fowler, Miss Cakehead, David Baddiel, Ivor Baddiel and Brian Dowling  have now voted for their favourite submission and we have a winning entry!

Congratulations to Paddy Austin, Jamie Hamilton and Charlie Hope of ‘Cities in the Dark’!  Their dream workspace is a climbing wall, dazzle ship inspired studio constructed of moveable panels that work with the acoustics in the space! Here is their winning entry:







“Cities in the Dark is my favourite as I love the climbing walls and the dazzle ships reference, could look really fantastic…C.I.T.D, design wise, excites me” Pete Fowler

The team at Helix will be developing the concept with the winner this week through a giant real life Pinterest!

Let us know what you think of the winning entry by posting your comments here!


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