Pinterest – A Design Tool

Why Helix loves Pinterest

Pinterest is a brilliant platform for uploading and collecting images from the web. For the creative teams at Helix it’s our new favourite obsession!

I love pin + interest

At Helix, the team and I use WordPress to showcase our latest projects and publications, Twitter and Facebook to engage our larger audience, and YouTube to showcase our work on film. But of all social media, only Pinterest has the ability to provide a curated visual representation of our studio’s design process.


For those who not yet familiar with Pinterest, the concept is pretty simple. When you sign up, you create “boards” – as many or few as you want. Each board has a certain theme. When you come across something you like online and want to both remember (like a bookmark) and share with others, you can pin it to one of your boards.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 09.27.04

No longer are we collecting images on the web in folders on the desktop of our computer, a terrible system for remembering where things came from or who made them. The bulletin board-style aesthetic lets us connect with our audience visually. We can make our design work accessible to more people who may not see it otherwise.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 09.37.55

Using Pinterest for project management is super helpful for us, since you can create boards where multiple people can pin things. We use Pinterest to share cool stuff we find online for a specific project we’re working on with the rest of the teams here at Helix. To keep some sense of security, we label the boards only by concept adjectives. There’s a lot of potential for collaborating on a project.


As a designers, we are inherently creative. This means we constantly look for inspiration. And Pinterest is a visual hub of inspiration. From artwork to quotes to photographs, there is no end to the creative stimulation you can find in Pinterest.

Pinners we turn to for inspiration:

Miss Cakehead – Vice Captain Cakehead & curator of chaos, creative & blogger, freelance creative & online PR. This pinner is great for an insight into the world of creative genius.

Design Week – The UK-web based magazine for the design industry. We love that they share there obsession with everything.

Cool Hunting – A daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology is always a treat.

There are thousands, maybe even millions of great boards out there. There are many resources to help you get started on Pinterest: you can find out which boards to follow and designers  to connect with. From there, you can Pin all you want! You can also connect with Helix on Pinterest!


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