‘Raise The Roof’ For Mezcal

Introducing the world’s first mobile Mezcaleria……and she’s nicknamed Caterina.


The owners of Mezcaleria Quiquiruiqui, the subterranean Tequila bar in Hackney, came to us with the idea of making their highly successful bar mobile.

Enter Catrina, a 1971 retired Ambulance……


With an entire interior refit and a little TLC she has been converted into a fully functioning bar dishing out Mezcal Tequila to willing costumers all over the country!

A few alterations had to be made to accommodate the staff inside such as removing the old roof and refitting a new fibre glass one which needed to be raised so you can stand comfortably inside. New windows were fitted as well a whole shelving unit and bar top even with it’s own bar hatch!


Keep an eye out for Catrina, The Mezcal Ambulance at festivals and all over London throughout the summer, she’ll be the one surrounded my the Mariachi Band!!!





One thought on “‘Raise The Roof’ For Mezcal

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