A Sweet Birthday for the Heathrow Express!

Another ginormous PR stunt kept us busy over the weekend. This time a huge train birthday cake to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Heathrow Express. (Photographs copyright Nathan Pask.)

copyright Nathan Pask

Together with Mischief PR, Miss Cakehead and a team of specialist bakers and food artists from Eat your Heart Out we were able to build an entirely edible train carriage measuring 1.5 x 4 x 2 metres.


The train arrived at London’s Paddington Station between platforms 6 and 7 where Heathrow Express customers were offered the chance to sample the delicious delights of the giant cake.


Experts crafted the carriage from 80 large sheets of Madeira sponge, 60kg of buttercream icing, 3kg of royal icing, 200kg of fondant icing, 5 liters of liquid chocolate and airbrush paint.


It took the team over 30 intense hours to build and install.


See it be put together here:




The epic cake has already seen coverage on BBC News, the Evening Standard, MSN News and The Londonist


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