The Best of the Desks

Year 1 of our ‘CREATIVE WORKSPACE COMPETITION 2013’ has had a fantastic reception from artists, designers and people from all different creative backgrounds! As the competition draws to a close today (Monday 10th June) at Midnight, here is a recap of the incredible, innovative, playful and fun precedent we have been sharing as inspiration… enjoy!

The best of the fold-out:

483439_597575316921253_1087753307_n fold-out-office-interior-design portable-fold-out-multi-room-home fold-out-room-in-a-box1

The best of the pod:

3621_597462680265850_790767546_n 72811_600045743340877_2106693398_n 528403_598327073512744_408621357_n

The best of the outdoors:

cool-office-space-21 0789208865.interior08 533622_598289813516470_1260675264_n 63585_597832696895515_784653275_n

The best of the futuristic:

Tetra-Shed desk-ela-sz-060410_rect540 desk2 coolest-best-latest-top-new-fun-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gravitonus_workstation_2

The best for keeping fit:

946941_621918957820222_320376068_n 983866_621950131150438_1600417922_n

The best for relaxing:

529473_596870656991719_1279894693_n 969306_621618234516961_1568068463_n 537100_599682863377165_943544389_n 544722_600063966672388_749479864_n

The best for green fingers:

296281_621998361145615_988278547_n 602432_622486521096799_1958040076_n garden-cubicle

The best of the weird and wonderful:

dream-office-design-cool-1 484682_619129144765870_2125844756_n 34995_598495036829281_492808715_n 936753_604008719611246_348169885_n

The best of unusual materials:

960041_622411447770973_1550288512_n 226656_621981211147330_1095884666_n 400427_619177954760989_1502860815_n 575388_618819541463497_1281630264_n post-it-note-desk-20120619-102728

The best of rooms within rooms:

485446_618157494863035_687346244_n 401966_618649208147197_1534941230_n 970110_622009364477848_802329028_n 470_621518434526941_1594544783_n

The best for fun:

tumblr_kovyiom5Ct1qz610vo1_500 climberoffice Office Slide 12515_600877589924359_1331584449_n


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