Beats By Dre UK


Above is a picture of the hard working Helix crew, who laboured tirelessly all night to make the one and only Dre’s #showyourcolour campaign a reality. It was a very last-minute call up and we were only given three days for prefab. Thousands of pictures were taken by the fans in the booths we had made and the campaign has been made prominent in the media. Courtesy of MKTG

Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+s6-3YI-HLFDl IMG_1838 IMG_1841 NikeHOI_RizzleKicks_27_7_12_9734-1024x682 Beats by dre Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+9eD5w5XVLi1l Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+vmEQoTGBNeWl Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+6FjSTWh3vFIl Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+m9FCgLiFK5hl Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+U_t6wrn6P3Ml Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+mT5b7uZOYlTl Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+z_SzQ2umZ0al Beats+Dr+Dre+Show+Colours+Photocall+bFXNVQohRGAl


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